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Adeola Kingsley-James

Adeola Kingsley-James

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Adeola Kingsley-James

Life Giver, Kingmaker and Love being, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with the School of Rapid Transformational Therapy, UK. She is also a certified member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, USA as well as an associate member of the Network of Family Systems Engineering Practitioners, Nigeria.

Adeola is a Mind Genius, a seasoned Television and content Producer, Stepmom Coach, and Best Selling Author.

Adeola was birthed by Legends of the television and Media industry in Nigeria, Tunde, and Bimbo Oloyede. Adeola is the Creator of Owning My Greatness, OMG Global Consulting, Transformational Nation Africa and ALifeForce.

Adeola is married to a phenomenal man Kingsley James and has 3 amazing children, Semilore, Tolu and Davida.

Adeola is air, she gives people a reason to live, love and breathe, she is light, she brings clarity and understanding, she is love, she loves because it is who she is and she is an example on earth that God exists.

Having worked in varying managerial capacities in the television industry for over 17 years behind the scenes on shows like Nigerian Idols, Big Brother Nigeria, The Apprentice Africa, Ebony Life TV, MultiChoice Nigeria, Strom 360, Accelerate TV, Arise Play and the list is endless, she qualifies herself as a kingmaker for she has made a lot of kings and queens.

Having also worked with different clients as a therapist and hypnotherapist, she has helped many people gain their lives back and becomes more wholesome and ready to take on their amazing purpose in life. 

Adeola prides herself in being dependable, loving, loyal, original, vulnerable, compassionate, steadfast, committed, disciplined, joyful, fun, adventurous and a breath of fresh air with nothing to hide, prove, defend, or protect. She always only sees the good in people knowing there is no objective truth only subjective truth, and everything boils down to the meaning you give anything. 

She is sold out to transforming billions of lives all over the world through Community, Connection and Content that gives and transform lives. She wants to be remembered for always giving air to anyone or being the air, anyone needs to breathe.