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Manifesting A Happy Relationship

In every relationship, you need to understand that your happiness is solely your responsibility, not that of anyone else. When you depend on people or things to give you joy and happiness, you give them power over you.

For you to be happy in your relationship, you need to be happy first. You can only attract who you are and what you are.
Remember, manifestation is an exercise that has to do with letting go of negativity and adopting positivity to bring good things into your life. It’s about letting go of those beliefs, thoughts, experiences, and people that hold you back.

It’s funny how we think our joy, happiness, and all the love we need has to come from our spouse, everyone around us, or situations we need. But you have to understand that no human can give you internal joy and happiness but yourself.

We are manifesting every day whether we realize it or not. We are manifesting through our energy, thoughts, habits, beliefs, words, and actions; which is why you have to plant the seed of what you want and desire in your subconscious. Your reality is evidence of the seeds (thoughts and emotions) you planted at a certain point in your life.

Remember, life is not a bed of roses, so it will never be perfect all the time. Your happiness is your responsibility. Be who and what you want to see. If you want to see love in your relationship then you have to be love. If it is joy or peace or gratitude, then be it first, and in time, everyone around you will begin to be it.

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