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Unlock The Power Of Self-Care this Mothering Day

March 2024

Do you say yes to any of these Questions?

Do you consistently look for love in everyone else?

Do you have the need to be approved and applauded?

Have you sworn never to trust again?

Have you told yourself I can’t do without sex, alcohol, being in relationship and so on?

Are you critical of others people successes?

Feel Invalidated by people around you?

Always have resentment and anger?

Feel you are always snappy and irritable?

Feel things are not available to you?

Feel that other people have more gifts than you?

Feel people don’t understand you?

Sometimes feel envious and jealous? 



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Trauma Therapy


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Struggling to find the perfect gift to honor the incredible women in your life this Mother’s Day? Give the gift of transformation with a therapeutic experience like no other. 🌟 Imagine her life this peaceful. A serene oasis where stress melts away, and inner strength blossoms. 🌟 This Mothering Sunday, treat the special women in your life to a gift that transcends material possessions.

With personalized therapy sessions, they’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic wellness. 💖 Why Therapy? Because every woman deserves to feel heard, valued, fulfilled and supported. 💖 ✨ Imagine the joy on her face as she embraces newfound clarity, resilience, and inner peace. ✨

👩‍👧‍👦 From mothers nurturing families to daughters navigating life’s twists and turns, this gift speaks volumes of love, gratitude, and appreciation. 👩‍👧‍👦 💐 This Mother’s Day, go beyond flowers and chocolates. Give the gift of transformational therapy and watch her bloom with renewed vitality and purpose. 💐

Ready to make this Mothering Sunday unforgettable? Book now and get 3 sessions for the price of 2 for your grandma, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, neighbour and let the journey to wellness begin! 🌿 Remember, the greatest gift is one that touches the heart and uplifts the soul. 💕Give her a gift of a lifetime that she will forever thank you for.

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Adeola Kingsley-James

Certified Therapist & Hypnotherapist Book Now

Adeola Kingsley-James

Adeola Kingsley-James is a beacon of transformation, holding certifications as a therapist and
clinical hypnotherapist from The School of Rapid Transformational Therapy in the United
Kingdom. As a certified member of the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists in
the USA and an associate member of the Network of Family Systems Engineering
Practitioners in Nigeria, Adeola stands at the intersection of global expertise.
Her journey is marked by a profound connection with thought leaders and institutes such as
Thought Energy Consulting, Proctor 'n' Gallagher Institute, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Dean
Graziosi, Joe Dispenza, Sat Guru, Rich Litvin, and more. Adeola embodies the essence of a
Life Giver, King maker, and Love being, showcasing her multifaceted nature as a Mind
Genius, seasoned Television & Content Producer, Stepmom Coach, and Best-Selling Author.
A sought-after speaker, her book "Step Out, Step Mum" has positioned her as an author
fearlessly addressing issues surrounding blended families in Nigeria. Adeola is like air, offering
people a reason to live, love, and breathe. She radiates light, providing clarity and
understanding. Love is her essence, as she loves not out of duty but because it defines her.
Vulnerability personified, Adeola boldly and unapologetically carries her true self, serving as an
earthly example that the essence of God exists.

Testimonials From Our Esteem Client

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