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As this book is titled, it is the story of a Step Mum sharing her struggles, lessons, pains, victories and growth in this journey of being a stepmother.

This is the e-book version that can only be read online.

You can also have the hard copy paper back which once purchased, would be shipped to you anywhere you in the country of Nigeria.

The following is a summary of what this book gives to you and reading it will give you much more:

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Chapter 1: Meet The Family

In this chapter you would be exposed to how to ask the right questions e.g. Is love really enough? You would learn to ensure your beliefs, values and desires align.

You will also be exposed to being your own person and not to be a people-pleaser.

Chapter 2: What’s The Outcome?

Learn how to deal with the hurts and pains you have been through in past relationship(s) and for your partner to do the same so you can both come together healed and ready to love because: hurt people, hurt people and love people, love people!

Also learn the importance of a support system; no man, they say, is an island.

Chapter 3: It’s Not Your Shoes To Fill

Learn the importance of getting to know the kids and their routines, likes & dislikes (Not because you will always oblige them but you can better relate with them when you understand them). Also learn not to replace the bio-parent knowing that you cannot change anyone.


Chapter 4: Don’t Ignore Mental Chemistry

Learn who you are and how you want people to treat you. Ask deep questions about each other that will enable you relate better. Know your truth and his/her truth and how they align. Learn that marriage is much more than physical attraction, even though it is also important. Learn what to do when you are not sure on how to move forward and that seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness.

Chapter 5: In My Bed

Learn that change is the only constant thing in life and how to deal with it when it comes.

Learn the signs of insecurity and how to deal with it.

Chapter 6: Just Bread On The Table?

Learn how to build self-awareness.

Learn to first be the person you want other people to be.

Chapter 7: Step Mum On Display

Learn how to manage the expectations from the different parts of the different families.

Learn about self love.

Chapter 8: Mission Impossible

Learn about what marriage is holistically.

Learn things to do to make this new family unit more functional.

Chapter 9: Get Some Fresh Air

Learn how to find those things and/or people that make you happy and focus on them.

Learn how to know and understand your body so you can teach your spouse.

Learn that you do not have to do everything and it’s okay not to do everything!

Chapter 10: In Love with The In-Laws

Learn how to interpret every situation in a way that serves you.

Learn good tips on effective communication with all parties.

Learn what loving others really means and what it’d mean for you.

Chapter 11: In Lock with the Out-Laws

Learn how to set boundaries so that this new family unit can grow and function in harmony and peace.

Learn how to decide what you want with your family and stick to it together.

Chapter 12: Who Gets Who and When/What’s For Xmas

Learn how to start your own traditions in this new family and be comfortable with it.

Learn to be prepared for the resistance and deal with it in love and peace.

Chapter 13: Love Yourself; It’s A Must

Learn how to choose yourself and why.

Learn how love people from your overflow and not from your own cup.

Learn to be first, then do.

Learn to always take responsibility for your victories and losses and to see a lesson in every circumstance.

Do not delay, there is so much more to experience!!!

Click on the link and start your journey to phenomenal now!!!

This e-book also comes with the e-workbook, get your copy here: https://selar.co/9ok5

I cannot wait to hear your experience after reading this book.

Kindly leave a review comment.

Love and Light

Adeola Kingsley-James


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