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Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Ocean Heights Marketing Agency is well known for having high IQ employees which made it stand out in the Marketing Industry in the country. Her employees are known to be effective, ambitious, and goal driven. However, they found themselves struggling to connect and manage their emotions in high-pressure situations.

Observing the conflict going on in the agency between the employees, the manager organized in-house training and brought in a consultant to talk to the team about emotional intelligence.

The consultant explained that Emotional Intelligence at the workplace is the ability to recognize one’s emotions, see how they affect those around you, understand other people’s emotions, and how you can resolve conflict or disagreement at the workplace without hurting the emotions of other people. He also pointed to how you take care of your emotions, the steps you take to achieve your goals, and how you manage your productivity level at work.

Over the next few weeks, the employees started to execute some of the methods they had learned. They began to take a step back and think before reacting to stressful situations. They also made an effort to be more empathetic towards one another and to understand each other’s viewpoints on issues.

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

  1. Do not blow up when things don’t go your way. Everyone has different viewpoints on an issue, so when the perspective of other people differs from yours, do not explode or flare up.
  2. Don’t take credit for everything nor brag about how good you are. If you are on a team, learn to be a team player.
  3. Be aware of the emotions of others. Always look out for the interest and feelings of other members of the team. We all have different feelings and awareness, learn to interact with everyone based on their understanding and empathetic level.
  4. Leverage the discoveries you’ve made on each team member to settle conflicts in the organization.

Lastly, Emotional intelligence is not only important for personal growth but also for career success. It allows us to connect with others on a deeper level, to understand their needs, and to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.

If you need someone to speak with on how to be build your personal emotional intelligence or corporate trainings for employees on emotional intelligence, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.



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