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Love is Universal; A Journey to Authentic Self-Love

When you hear the word “love,” what do you feel? Is it warmth, goosebumps, or perhaps a pang of hurt from past experiences? Love, often misunderstood and misused, deserves a fresh perspective—one that connects us to its true essence.

For me, love is divine. It’s not just about romance but about the profound, unconditional love that we see in the concept of agape. As the Bible beautifully states, nothing can separate us from this divine love. It’s a constant reminder that we are inherently worthy and loved beyond measure.

From the moment we are born, we experience a pure form of love through our bond with our parents, especially our mothers. This initial, unconditional love shapes our first understanding of what it means to be loved. However, as we grow, we start to attach conditions to love. We learn to earn affection by fitting into roles like the caregiver, the achiever, or even the rebel, seeking approval from our parents.

Society and religion often reinforce this conditional love. We are subtly taught that we must act a certain way to earn love, creating a sense of unworthiness. This belief seeps into our relationships, where we continue to trade actions for love, striving to meet others’ expectations instead of embracing our true selves.

True love, however, begins with authenticity. It starts with loving ourselves unconditionally, just as the divine loves us. When we accept that this divine love is unwavering, we can truly love ourselves. This self-love empowers us to be authentic, seeking love not for validation but as a natural expression of who we are.

When we genuinely love ourselves, we can extend that love to others. This isn’t about conditional or obsessive love but a pure, selfless love that sees and respects the divine in everyone. Recognizing our interconnectedness allows us to love deeply and unconditionally, mirroring the divine love we receive.

True love is an acceptance and appreciation of our authentic selves. It’s extending that same warmth to others, creating a world where love is freely given, not traded. This journey to understanding love begins with self-love and recognizing the divine love that binds us all.

I hope you found inspiration in these words. Don’t just stop at reading—take action. Remember, I’m here as a sister and friend, ready to support you. Reach out if you need someone to talk to. Love and light

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Adeola is a Mind Genius, a seasoned Television & Content Producer, Stepmom Coach, Best Selling Author. She is a Life Giver, King maker and Love being, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with the School of Rapid Transformational Therapy, UK. Adeola is air, she gives people a reason to live, love and breathe, she is light, she brings clarity and understanding, she is love, she loves because it is who she is, she is vulnerability personified because she carries all she is boldly and unapologetically, and she is an example on earth that God exists.

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